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The Online Genealogist is going to Master Genealogical Proof!

Yes, I’ve taken the plunge and joined DearMyrtle’s MGP3 Study Group.


As you’ve probably deduced, this is the THIRD such study group for ol’ Myrt and Cousin Russ*.  You think they’d be the ULTIMATE masters at this by now!  As I’m sure Cousin Russ will say, “You always learn something new each time you go through this book’s exercises”.  OK, so I already viewed some of MGP1 and MGP2 – heh.

So, as an already-established professional genealogist, why am I taking this excellent online study group?  Because I want my name to be John Brugliera, CG (Certified Genealogist)!

Actually, when my genealogy trek began in 1988, there was NO book like this at all, so it was mostly “learn as you go” with much trial and error.  So, now that there’s an agreed-upon standardized methodology for collecting data, reviewing records and drawing a convincing conclusion for each genealogical answer you’re attempting to to prove, I may as well learn to do it RIGHT.  Which I haven’t been fully doing all these years.

While I would usually eventually get the research results I was looking for, it was often by going the long way ’round.  What?!?  There’s a more structured way to DO this stuff??


Good thing, as I find this “academic” side of genealogy the most challenging; so attending MGP3 will greatly assist me with that.  I had known all of the pieces, but not how to implement them properly.

I just finished reading the book, but to learn by DOING and to discuss it amongst your peers is a priceless opportunity.  I’m so glad I went for it!

It’s also a rare setting for me, forever battling social issues.  Like having more success with dead people than I do LIVE ones.  More on that later (so that I don’t psych myself out)…

Well, here goes nuthin’!…



* Myrt’s very own personal Wizard of Oz.  Minus the curtain.


Join The Worldwide Indexing Event Tonight Into Tomorrow!!!


Just helping to get the word out on‘s Worldwide Indexing Event.

The LDS’ goal is to get participants to transcribe ONE BATCH for indexing.  Of course, you can do as many as you like, but they figure if EVERYONE that’s into genealogy does that one batch, it will help IMMENSELY with their ongoing effort to have indexes available for many of their wonderful FamilySearch collections.

And you KNOW The Online Genealogist will be there!  As I’m not huge on data entry, I’ve requested to be an arbitrator.  A tie-breaker, if you will.  As I can actually read many of these records (though not ALL are handwritten), I find it more to my liking and skill level.

Also, if you’d like to get all social at any time during those 24 hours, you can join DearMyrtle’s GeneaSleepOver!


There, you can drop in and say hi (via headset and video or on the sidelines with typed-in comments) to many others who will be joining this ambitious undertaking!

If you use at all (their website is FREE; no yearly subscription!), then it is your OBLIGATION to key in that one batch.  As that is ALL they are asking.

And most importantly – have some FUN while you’re doing so!!


But if you have NO interest at all in doing anything genealogy-related online, then I’m your man!!!





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