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Why is the 1900 Federal Census the only one that actually has the month and year of birth?

1900 Census

I don’t know; I thought you guys had an idea.

Census years prior to and after 1900 only show AGE.  Why is that?

I’ve always thought that was a great feature and have been wondering why the Feds went back to AGE only.  I mean, they could’ve made it YEAR and AGE if the month entries were giving them headaches.  Yes, in typical governmental redundancy, the age is also listed in 1900.  Apparently, for those who couldn’t do the math!

Also curious is that for 1910, one of the few changes from 1900 was the removal of that month and year of birth!

So, hopping online, I go directly to the government’s official census website.

Hmmmm, this “shake-up” probably had something to do with the 1910 reversion to AGE only.

1900 Census 02

So, I do a quickie Google search and got only the fact that in 1910, the birth month and year columns were gone.  But not why.

Well, I really hate to Google and run, but as of right now, I’m satisfied with “Month/Year fell victim of governmental reorganization”, which is a very vague and lame sort-of catch-all reason.

Any 1900/1910 Federal Census experts out there with another explanation??


Now, you could always HIRE the online genealogist, if this mystery is really really bothering you now.



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